Repair for a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals have become necessary components of all contemporary homes. Waste that might otherwise make a mess or unpleasant scent gets appropriately dealt with through this essential appliance. Rather than obstructing piping and cluttering up the sink, refuse gets washed efficiently down the drain. These indispensable kitchen tools simply make things faster, and perform a complementary function in the dish-washing operation.

Obstructed or broken disposals can make a notable inconvenience. Bad smells and unclean conditions will become the effect of waste that otherwise should get swept down the drain. A safety hazard can also get fashioned through compromised garbage disposals. To regain the use of this indispensable tool, or to find time for installation of a new garbage disposal in Malden, Medford, and Everett, MA, phone Brian's Plumbing at (781) 399-0109. Our team’s garbage disposal services will make everything effortless.

Items You Should Never Flush Down A Disposal

Garbage Disposals

Do Not Put Large Pieces Of Food Down Your Garbage Disposal.

Garbage disposals usually have easy maintenance requirements. Garbage disposals typically function just fine, so long as specific activities get avoided. Avoid flushing these items down the disposal to care for your device.

Fibrous Foods

Specific fibrous items ought never get rinsed down the drain. As these foods tangle around the blades of the disposal, they can strain the motor. Carrots, lettuce, asparagus, corn husks, onion skins, and celery each supply examples of fibrous items. If you want to run them in the disposal despite these warnings, place small amounts along with ample quantities of cold water.

Starchy Foods

Starches stand as the second variety of item to avoid down the garbage disposal. As time passes, starches will absorb water, enlarge, and finally transform into a paste. A clog for your pipes, this coagulated paste can prevent your machine’s proper activity. Pasta, potatoes, rice, and beans all stand as examples of food to avoid.

Oils and Grease

Grease and oil create significant trouble for a garbage disposal, and can nearly always get avoided. Not only can they coat the disposal teeth and make them less potent, but also can accumulate and clog your pipes. As the days pass, oils and grease can additionally begin to decay and emit bad scents.

Egg Shells

The final item, egg shells, creates trouble due to unproven rumors about its positive nature. Eggshells simply clog pipes and do not sharpen a device’s blades. As shells get broken down, they transform into a sandy substance that has problems running down the drain. The shells will instead become lodged in the p-trap, where eventually they will manufacture a clog.

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