Affordable Main Water Line Repair

Main Water Line Repair

A Main Water Line Break Can Cause a Bunch of Problems.

If you needed to rank all the components of your pipe system in order of highest importance, the main water line would definitely be among the top three. As with anything, your main water line will eventually display certain issues common with getting older. If you have started to experience problems with yours, make sure to call us at (781) 399-0109 for fast main water line repair in Malden, Medford, and Everett, MA! At Brian's Plumbing, we’re plumbing repair experts with plenty of experience in not only plumbing but additionally customer service. We are more than just plumbers, and we do our best to offer reliable customer service to each of our clients.

Signs You May Have a Leak

When the main water line breaks, it is something you will know pretty quickly. Because it is the main line of all your other lines, it will likely flood whatever area it is in. If you wake up to a small swamp in your yard, it is probably from a main water line break. This, as you can imagine, will raise your water bill tremendously. This is also a huge reason we want you to get this taken care of right away. Not only is it a complete waste of water, but who wants to pay for water that is actually ruining their house? Probably not you. Your water pressure may also start to seem to be going down as well. This doesn’t always happen, but depending on the size of the leak, it will vary.

Water Line Damages

Depending on what your main water line is crafted from, you can count on it to endure between 40 and 100 years. The smartest way to tell if your main water line has become too old, however, is to keep an eye out for symptoms of disrepair. One of the more obvious signs of damage your water line will show is pooling, or even flooding, in the yard. Additionally keep an eye out for a sharp, unexpected rise in your home’s water usage or water bill. If you have received a water bill that’s much higher than previous months, this is typically the first indication of a hidden leak. If your piping is in poor condition, they are additionally susceptible to issues with dirt and rust contaminating your water.

Main Water Line Repairs

Count on Brian's Plumbing to help you with all of your plumbing inspections or repairs. If you want your home to remain comfortable, and your bills to stay affordable, water line repair just cannot wait. As soon as you notice the indications of main water line damage, speedy repairs are essential to prevent costly residual damages. Our professional crew is here to supply you with reliable services such as main water line repair in Malden, Medford, and Everett, MA! To find out how we can help you with your plumbing needs call (781) 399-0109 today!