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Ideally, your bathroom can act as an escape and provide a space that promotes relaxation through the shower or bathtub. An outdated shower or bath in disrepair can fail to permit this, however. Repairing the bathtub or shower to improve your bathroom space represents one of our specialties at Brian's Plumbing.

At Brian's Plumbing, our plumbing company was built on happy clients and bathroom work that’s completed with care and quality. For traditional shower and tub repair in Malden, Medford, and Everett, MA, or a full remodel, call (781) 399-0109 today. To know whether the plumbing in your bathroom requires maintenance, pay attention to the following signs.

Indicators You Require Bathroom Repairs

A homeowner may just as simply find himself or herself replacing a shower for aesthetic reasons as much as functional purposes. Compared to other areas of the house, bathrooms tend to display their age faster. With scenarios like these, a shower or bathtub replacement could become a requirement. Of course, before you consider extensive remodels, you should look for signs of disrepair that might require repair services. Quick service will be necessary for any of these problems:

Loud Pipes: You may have one of several issues if your pipes begin to hammer when you turn on the water in the tub or shower. Loosened support straps or valves, in addition to improper water pressure, could all cause this issue. Water pressure problems should quick, professional attention because they could lead to burst piping.

Low Water Pressure: Nobody enjoys a dribbling shower. A certified plumber can diagnose the situation if your water pressure is too low. Lessened water pressure is often caused by obstructed or leaking pipes.

Slow Drainage: Slow drainage is an additional inconvenience that could indicate trouble with the main sewer line. The cause could also be localized to the drain pipe as a more treatable clog. You should contact a certified plumbing technician regardless. Store-bought clog removers rarely work well and have corrosive chemicals that can damage your piping.

Unusual Water Coloration: Any unusual color to your water is a sign of a plumbing problem. The coloration of your water can indicate the kind of issue you’re dealing with. For accurate diagnosis and repairs, entrust a dependable plumbing professional for the job.

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